Interesting to hear that Halle Berry has announced that she is pregnant at the age of 46 today. After being on a TTC forum for a few years I’m afraid you always get a bit suspicious when someone of that age announces their pregnancy. It’s not that you can’t get pregnant at that age but it is very uncommon and complications and miscarriages  are highly likely at that age. So my first thought always goes to whether or not they used IVF to get pregnant and in addition whether donor eggs were used.

Now apparently, and this is just from the information that I have gathered in the press, she found out that she was pregnant a few days after the Oscars at the end of February. So let’s assume that she was trying to get pregnant (either naturally or by IVF), which is likely as her daughter had been asking for a sibling and she indicates that they wanted to give her one, in which case she is likely to have tested at around the 4 weeks mark.

That would mean that she would be about 10 weeks as of now. But it is unlikely that she would announce the pregnancy to the world until 12 weeks which is a much safer cut off date that most people use.

Anyway, it seems that she knows that she is expecting a boy. Now at a scan it is quite difficult to tell (as far as I am aware) the sex of a baby at 12 weeks although it is not impossible. And it seems that it is easier to tell if it is a boy. However, one way you can tell the sex is if you are doing IVF and you have PGD performed on the embryos (to test for any trisomy disorders etc). At that point the sex of the embryos can be determined.

So, although it is completely possible that the pregnancy is a natural one, it would be really nice if these celebrities who have children in their 40s would give honest accounts of how they got pregnant. If they do use IVF then it may give a much more realistic idea for those who are trying to get pregnant at that age and see all of these pregnancies in the media. If they haven’t used IVF then how great would it be for them to confirm that this is a natural pregnancy and actually give people some hope? Somehow I think the silence indicates for most people that it is the former rather than the latter.

Not only is there the IVF question but also the donor egg question. As far as I know no celebrity has admitted to using IVF with donor egg. So is there a stigma attached to it or do they think the donor will  subsequently seek them out? Donor egg is effectively no different from adoption but it just does not have the ‘sexiness’ that adoption currently seems to have.

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